IT Training 


One of our other specialist activities is training. It has become imperative in the current working environment that people using computers be properly trained in using them. There are very few, if any, working environments that do not require a person to be skilled in using computers and associated devices.

Our two main focuses of training are computer literacy and Caddie.

Computer Literacy:
It is amazing how many people use a computer in their every day work or private environment and still have not acquired the skills and knowledge to use their computers. Most users today have acquired 'Tunnel Vision' of their computers. They have either taught themselves or have attended training courses that cater just for what they need to know to get by every day. This is just not good enough!

We believe in supplying the best training possible either to the individual or corporate personnel.

Currently we conduct training either on a one-on-one to private individuals or on-site training for corporate requirements. In this manner we are able to taylor course contents to meet the exact requirements of the delegates. This improves the course material and reduces the time that people have to be out of their working environment.

Course can be carried out over a period of time so that delegates can 'digest' and apply the skills that they have learned on a training session. Follow up training can then be arranged to suit the customer's time frame. Delegates can then be assessed and future course contents adapted based on their feedback.

Training course offered vary based on customer requirements. In general, we offer training in the most often used software tools that personnel are required to use in their daily tasks. These include Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express.

Another area of training we specialise in is Caddie. We are an official Caddie VAR (Value Added Reseller) in sales, support and training. Once again, most of the Caddie training is conducted on-site at customers' premises. This has proved to be one of the most effective ways in which to train people up in getting up to speed in using Caddie.