Customised Software Development 


The main thrust of Express Talent is software development. We develop systems to cater to just about any needs whether to the private individual or the the corporate environment. Applications we have developed include:

Accounting & Bookkeeping, Stock control, Courier delivery control, Forex and capital brokering, Drawing office catalogue, Time keeping, Tax control, Driver logs, Clinic administration, Stock taking, labelling systems, Product Catalogues, Automated data transformation services, and many others.

The range of development depends only on the requirements of the customer.

We develop simple single-tier database systems using Microsoft Access® for the small systems up to multi-tier client-server based systems using Microsoft®™ SQL server® or Firebird Server. Our systems are designed for the Windows® operating systems (2000, XP and Vista).

We are constantly conducting research and development to ensure that we remain up to date with the latest trends in software requirements as well as making use of current technological development.












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