Specialised Caddie Applications

The Architectural menu is rich in tools to create the most complex and detailed architectural pans.
  • Setup wall parameters for solid or cavity walls to automate drawing walls. Close wall joins automatically.
  • Insert doors and windows on plan from a list of extensive symbols.
  • Add detailed truss, wall and window sections.
  • Measure room sizes and display results on the drawing in desired units.
  • Enhance your architectural plans with pre-designed symbols from Caddie's extensive symbol library.
  • Add relevant boundary markings on ERF's. Add contours to topographical drawings.
  • Add roads to sites.
The Survey menu has all the tools you will need to create any survey drawing whether the site is located in the Northern or Southern hemisphere.
  • Create sites either by entering Y-X coordinates, Length and angle, spotting or by importing lists of coordinates from text files.
  • Add angle and join line lengths automatically based on survey settings.
  • Add transition curves for road developments or draw roads using points of intersection.
The Civil menu has tools enabling you to add general civil objects such as storm water drains, sewers, manholes, lamp posts, telephone & electricity poles, fences, gates and Km markers.
  • More complex commands include single and double power lines on pylons; Cross hatching banks.
  • Generate single and articulated vehicle turning circles.
  • Generate road repair graphs; Long sections from surveyed sections, Pipe long sections; Create Mode Maker files.
  • Draw standard up, down and t-beams for slabs.
The Mechanical menu has a lot of specialised tools to cater for all types of mechanical drawings.
  • Insert special machine symbols.
  • Draw pipes with or without flanges to specified diameters.
  • Draw PCD layouts for flange top views. Add nuts and bolts to specified sizes.
  • Create gears and complex linkages.
  • Generate cutting profiles for pipe fabrication.
  • Generate cutting profiles for complex pipe joining, hoppers and gussets.
  • Insert welding symbols.
The Steel menu has tools to build all manner of steel structures.
  • Insert angle irons, channels of various profiles, I-beams.
  • Generate steel angle and butt bracings based on entered size specifications.
  • Insert hand railings indifferent detail views.
  • Insert cat ladders and fences.
  • Generate steel roofing trusses based on complex size and feature specifications.
The DTM (Digital Terrain Modelling) menu has tools to build all manner of steel structures..
  • Prepare site models, sections and contours.
  • Get data from Total Stations, Promap or your own site levels.
  • Create 3D site models.
  • Import data from spreadsheets and text files.
  • Download GPS data with automatic conversion from WGS84 to local grid.
  • Automatic generation of 3D point heights from 2D survey drawings.
  • Automatic 3D TIN (Triangular Irregular Network) generation from 3D points.
  • Site Levelling with volume change information.
  • Optimised cut and fill.
  • Automatic generation and re-generation of site sections.
  • Volume difference calculation.
  • Automatic generation of site contours.
  • Direct download of image tiles from aerial mapping sites.
  • Image drape - Map aerial photographs and other images onto your site.