An Overview of Caddie


What is Caddie?
Caddie is a professional design and drafting package used in all disciplines of the drafting industry.

Who should be using Caddie?
If you are in the field of Architecture, Civil, Structural, and Electrical Engineering, Surveying, Landscaping, Steel Fabrication, Manufacturing, Town Planning, Road Design and many other industry disciplines then Caddie is the right tool to use. If you need to draw anything and produce professional working drawings then Caddie has you all the tools necessary to create and print accurate drawings.

Who are we?
Express Talent cc has been trading since May 1995. We are primarily a software development organisation but offer a wide range of products and services in the IT industry including sales, support and training. Our association with Caddie goes back to 1993 when we were first introduced to Caddie. We began taking an interest in Caddie from a third party software developer point of view but after using Caddie for a while we realised its full potential in the South African drafting industry.

Where is Caddie today?
Caddie has developed into a fully fledged design and drafting package on a par with all major drafting packages available around the world. Caddie’s flagship application is currently Caddie Professional version 11. This includes a 2D and 3D interface included in the package.

How widespread is Caddie used today?
Caddie’s holding company is Advanced Computer Solutions (ACS) located in the UK. Caddie thus enjoys the benefit of developers contributing to its versatility from around the world. Caddie currently has over 15,000 users in South Africa and the surrounding countries of Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe as well as other African countries. Caddie is also now widely used in the UK and Australia.

How does Caddie compare with other CADD packages?
Caddie is fully compatible with AutoCad and has a number of import and export functions that allow it to communicate with other drawing formats.

On what operating systems does Caddie run?
All versions of Caddie up to Ver 9.1 are designed to run on the Microsoft® WindowsTM Platform including WindowsTM 98, NT (4.0 or later), 2000, XP. Caddie 11 build 17 and future versions only, are supported on Vista and Windows 7.

Which Caddie is right for me?
Caddie is available in a number of different profiles depending on your needs from the full blown Caddie Professional Ver 15 with full functionality of all commands through Caddie Budget for those that do not need all the ‘Bells and Whistles’ down to the Caddie Educational version available only to educational institutions and is used exclusively for training purposes.

How do I acquire Caddie?
In order to purchase Caddie, please contact us using the 'Request information' page. If you need to see Caddie in action before making a decision, please arrange for a demo to experience for yourself the power of Caddie.

How much will Caddie cost me?
Pricing of Caddie varies firstly depending on the particular version that you wish to purchase based on your specific needs as well as to how many licences that you acquire over time. Caddie’s pricing works on a sliding scale so that the more licences you have the cheaper it becomes. Please use the 'Request Information' pages to get detailed information on pricing.

What kind of support can I expect?
When you purchase Caddie, you have the option of buying into Caddie’s maintenance plan. This is based on an annual fee (See pricing below) payable in advance. All paid up Caddie users have access to the following services:

1. Free telephonic support;
2. Receiving of Caddie’s newsletter;
3. Free software upgrades when available - YOU DO NOT PAY FOR NEW VERSIONS! *
* Upgrade fees are subject to your existing maintenance status - See below for maintenance information.

Regardless of whether you have opted to pay the annual maintenance fee, Express Talent is always available to render its full support to any Caddie user at any time!

So what's all the hype about?


I have a Budget version of Caddie. How much will it cost me to upgrade to the full professional version?
If you already have a budget or student version of Caddie, you can easily upgrade to the professional version of Caddie. The cost of upgrading is simply the difference between the price of the Budget or Educational and Professional versions at the time you wish to upgrade.

I have an older version of Caddie. I wish to upgrade to the latest version. What will this cost me?
If your maintenance is paid up to date, there is no charge for upgrading to the latest version of caddie. If you opted NOT to pay the annual maintenance or you are not up to date with your existing maintenance fees, you will only need to pay the outstanding balance of the maintenance fee in order to qualify for the latest version of Caddie.

What is a Dongle and how does it apply to working with Caddie?
When you purchase Caddie, you will be supplied with a dongle which is plugged into one of your computer’s USB ports (LPT port for older computers). The dongle is your licence to use Caddie. Whenever you launch Caddie, it checks for the presence of a valid dongle. If your dongle is not plugged in or it is not a valid dongle for your organisation, Caddie will load in Demo mode. In Demo mode you can do anything that the validated version allows you to except that you cannot save any work whatsoever and copying and pasting is disabled.

On how many machines can install and run Caddie?
You can install and run Caddie on as many machines as you wish. However, Caddie will only validate itself on whichever machines have valid dongles. For every workstation that you wish to use Caddie, you need to purchase valid licences.

I use Caddie across a network?
Validation dongles come in two profiles. Single user and multiple user profiles. Single user dongles need to be plugged to every workstations that are valid versions of Caddie. Multiple user dongles allow you to plug one dongle to a machine that is accessible to all other workstations on a network. Whenever a workstation launches Caddie, it will validate itself via the network dongle.

I have an ‘Older’ LPT dongle. How can I get a ‘Newer’ USB dongle?
Most new computers supplied today no longer have parallel ports installed. This means that your existing LPT dongle will be of no use to you. You can upgrade your LPT dongle to a USB one at a one-off fee of R 585.00 (Incl VAT) - (Price subject to change so call to confirm dongle upgrade pricing). This fee includes courier fees in sending the new dongle to you as well as collecting the old one from you for return to Caddie.

Which versions of Caddie are compatible and supported on the Windows Vista® and Windows 7® operating system?
Although Caddie 9, 9.1, 10 and 11 will all run on Windows XP®, only Caddie version 11 build 17 and future versions will be supported by the Windows Vista® and Windows 7® operating systems.




Caddie Pricing Structure - V15 Professional*



Price (Incl VAT)

(Per Annum)


Caddie Professional (1st Station)
Caddie Prof (2nd Station)
Caddie Prof (3rd Station)
Caddie Prof (4th Station)
Caddie Prof (5th Station)
User Guide

Vio Render Engine Addon (Caddie Prof ONLY)

Caddie Budget(Arch, Surveyor or Mech)

Nethasp Key (-50)

USB Dongle swap (Dongle no required)

Caddie site licence

Caddie Educational (Excl manual) **

Caddie Educational (Incl Manual) **

Included in price











*Please note that the prices quoted are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact us to confirm the accuracy of prices quoted to ensure that you have the latest information available.

** In order to qualify to purchase Caddie Educational, you need to supply us with proof of registration at a recognised training institution as well as your student registration no. Caddie educational version may not be used to produce commercial drawings for remuneration.