Highlighting Key Features of Caddie


Caddie provides you with all the tools you need to draft and detail drawings in 2 and 3 dimensions. Produce high quality drawings. Intuitive 'Draw-as-you-think' concept in Caddie has made it the CAD system of choice around the world.

  • No more need to Import/Export. Caddie is works in Native AutoCad DWG or its own DRW file format. Provides compatibility with other CAD professionals.

  • Work both in 2D and 3D modes.

  • 2D Plan, sections and elevation can be rendered into 3D rendering visualisation.

  • Caddie professional includes Architecture, Civil, Surveying, Landscaping, Mechanical, and Steelwork specialised applications.

  • Use construction lines as aids in creating drawings. These can be moved, Rotated, hidden and colours changed. Construction entities are saved with the drawing so no need to re-create them on drawing opening.

  • Object selection makes it easier than ever to manipulate objects by their handles. Use the context sensitive menu for quick manipulation of objects.

  • Hatching is now easier than ever. Four different types of hatching styles are available each with its own options. Auto-hatching recognises islands and boundaries. New gradient hatching adds even more life to drawings.

  • Intelligent dimensioning that automatically updates with drawing changes.

  • Working with blocks improves drawing productivity. Import blocks from other drawings and save time. re-use collection of objects both internally as well as between drawings. Blocks are intelligent so making changes to one block automatically updates all occurrences of that block in the drawing. This enables you to make major alterations to a drawing very quickly.

  • Extended 2D symbol library further reduces drawing time.

  • Enhancements in working with pictures adds an even more professional touch to your drawings.

  • Use the opaque feature to mask parts of a drawing.

  • Setup different print configurations for each sheet. Create multiple printing sheets from a single modelspace. Each sheet can contain multiple viewports.

  • Setup multiple plot configurations. Distribute these configurations around the office thus saving time in achieving office standardisation.

  • Add as many viewports as needed all at different scales. Move and scale viewports. Switch layers on and off within viewports.

  • Viewports are intelligent and automatically update when the modelspace changes. Move and scale viewports.

  • Relevant detailing allows you to decide what to print based on scale settings for views created. Viewports are intelligent and are thus updated whenever the modelspace changes.

  • Create primitive 3D objects for spheres, pyramids, cubes, hemispheres, boxes and other shapes.

  • Render 2D plans into 3D models. Add textured materials from the existing library of textures or create your own textures to give realistic finishes to objects.

  • Create walk-through paths and walk through you finished 3D models.

Caddie Facts