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Express Talent is an official Caddie VAR (Value Added Reseller). We are agents for Caddie sales, training and support in Kwazulu Natal in South Africa. We have been associated with Caddie for many years now and are well established in providing a professional sales, training and support service.

Caddie is an advanced technical drawing application used by Architects, Surveyors, Engineers and Landscapers. Use Caddie to draw 2D and 3D models.

  • User interface: Caddie makes use of an intuitive  'Draw-as-you-think' concept which has made it the CAD system of choice around the world. Draft and detail drawings in 2 and 3 dimensions.

  • Draw as you think: Caddie provides you with all the tools you need to draft and detail drawings in 2 and 3 dimensions. Produce high quality drawings. Intuitive 'Draw-as-you-think' concept in Caddie has made it the CAD system of choice around the world. Some of the more prominent features of Caddie are: Caddie is now fully compatible with AutoCAD and thus enables you to save drawings both in Caddie DRW or native AutoCAD DWG file format. No more need to import or export drawings.

  • Drawing Mode: You can work in both 2D and 3D model simultaneously.

  • Construction Lines and Circles: These tools enable you to setup the structure of final designs. Construction entities can be moved, hidden, printed and are saved with the drawing.

  • Dynamic Object Selection: Manipulate objects quickly and efficiently. Context sensitive menu gives additional options for manipulating selected objects.

  • Hatching: Hatching in Caddie has become a breeze. Four different types of hatching styles are available each with its own options. Auto-hatching recognises islands and boundaries.

  • Intelligent Dimensioning: Automatically update dimensions with drawing changes.

  • Blocks: Creating and managing blocks enables you to re-use collection of objects both internally as well as between drawings. Blocks are intelligent so making changes to one block automatically updates all occurrences of that block in the drawing. This enables you to make major alterations to a drawing very quickly.

  • Symbols: Caddie's extensive symbol library improves drawing productivity as well as enhancing drawing presentation.

  • Printing: Create multiple printing sheets from a single modelspace. Create as many viewports at necessary at various scales. Move viewports around on a sheet. Switch layers on and off within viewports. Setup different print configurations for each sheet. Relevant detailing allows you to what to print based on scale settings for views created. Viewports are intelligent and are thus updated whenever the modelspace changes.

  • Special Applications: Architectural, Civil, Survey, Mechanical, Steelwork and Landscaping.

  • 3D Modelling: Caddie's 3D capabilities enable you to create lifelike models using an extensive range of 3D object commands. You can setup walkthrough paths to follow in your 3D models. Use from an existing library of textures or use your own images to create textures and special effects.

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